Why doesn’t everybody use you?

I hear that a lot. I refund the entire buy-side commission to my clients and provide them legal representation through the entire process. I provide prompt and thorough representation. Yet, my fee is a fraction of what Realtors charge. And unlike Realtors, I only get paid the majority of my fees if the transaction closes. And I don’t charge junk fees. And I will never expose you to dual agency.

Realtors Charge Too Much

I’ve always had a problem with the amount of money my buyer clients have paid buyer brokers. So to prove my point, I’ve started this service to refund the entire buyer broker commission to my clients (less my legal service fees). Instead of a Realtor (technically I am one too), you get a far more qualified service provider who can do the job for far less. You truly do get what you pay for.

Multiple Listing Service Access

In order to collect the 2.7% commission (that is how much is typically paid by the listing broker) for my clients, I must hold a broker’s license and be a member of the Realtor Association and MLS. I use the same tools as Realtors. I also provide my clients with a wealth of information before they view any properties. And I won’t steer you into over-priced and conflicted ancillary services, charge you outrageous junk fees or exploit my fiduciary relationship with you. You will receive far better and more competent service than a Realtor and you get a commission refund.

It makes no sense that you can save money by using a lawyer instead of a Realtor, but you can. With me:

  • Get back $5,075 on a $350,000 house.  $9,450 (commission received from listing broker)  – $4,375 (my legal services) = $5,075. 
  • Get back $8,475 on a $550,000 house.
  • Get back $11,875 on a $750,000 house.
  • Get back $42,125 on a $2.5 million dollar house.

Think you can do this yourself? I really wish you could. They won’t let you. Read my blog post about how Realtors ambush buyers (click here).