Yes You Do Need A Lawyer

You should hire me BEFORE you hire a Realtor. I can help you avoid costly mistakes that most consumers make when they hire Realtors. Whether it be high wealth individuals buying a 5 or 10 million dollar home or a first time home buyer (I have a sliding fee schedule), I provide my clients with much-needed protections and often save them thousands of dollars. Even the savviest consumers will benefit from my advice. Did you know that typical Realtor fee agreements:

  • Force you to overpay for commissions.
  • Let your listing broker determine how much to offer cooperating brokers, not you. What if the buyer is unrepresented – how much should the listing broker get paid?
  • Require you to pay a commission even if the transaction does not close.

Realtors are not lawyers and it is against the law for them to give you legal advice. Your Realtor may be familiar with some aspects of your real estate transaction, however, most are not adequately trained in contract drafting, title issues, and legal analysis. Whether it be the Realtor’s fee agreement or answering the question, “Should I buy title insurance?” you need an attorney who understands these issues to help protect your interests. I can help Minnesota consumers from all over the state and am one of a handful of attorneys with expertise in this area.

Brokerage Services

Talk to me about buying or selling your next home and I’ll show you how you can use an attorney for these services and save lots of money. I have full MLS access and I will never engage in dual agency. Why do Realtors charge so much? That’s a really good question.

Review and Drafting Documents

I draft and negotiate purchase agreements, help For Sale By Owners, home buyers, sellers, and I have a flat fee schedule that is extremely reasonable. I’ve volunteered on the Minnesota State Bar Association’s Residential Forms Committee for many years and am familiar with their forms as well as how they compare to the Realtors’ forms. There are multiple forms in use and none are “standard.” I help clear up title issues and a lot more.

Realtor Liability Issues

Realtors make mistakes. Lots of them. Many of the contracts they draft are voidable because of bad drafting errors. Appraisers have indicated that many properties in the MLS are advertised with the incorrect square footage. Dual agency should be avoided at all costs. It is illegal in EVERY other profession and used to be illegal for Realtors. They just happen to have a powerful lobby organization. ALWAYS avoid large brokerage firms like Edina Realty, Burnet Realty, Re/Max, Keller Williams and any firms that are willing and financially incentivized to expose you to dual agency. And no, buyer agents do not work for free – but many say that they do. Whether it be a failure to disclose or outright fraud, I can help.

Builder Liability Issues

Builders often mandate the use of their new construction purchase agreements and those forms are particularly onerous and should be avoided if possible. Did the builder substitute substandard materials? Did they build your house with formaldehyde dipped joists? Is your new house having water intrusion problems?

Collaboration with Other Attorneys

I know way more about the real estate brokerage and title insurance industries than anyone should. However, I love to work with attorneys who have expertise in areas I do not possess. I collaborate with Minneapolis – St. Paul attorneys, attorneys from other parts of Minnesota and with attorneys from all over the United States depending upon the project. I often team up with litigators on my own client matters and enjoy teaming-up with attorneys on other matters.