Most home sellers believe that Realtors are overpaid. My fee schedule proves it. My service and expertise make the decision easy.

Receive better representation for a fraction of the cost of a Realtor. Most Realtors pocket your savings if there is no buyer broker. I give that savings to you. The below are approximate figures:
  • Save $16,000 selling a $350,000 home (with no buyer broker). Save up to $7,500 if there is a buyer broker and you have to pay them the anticompetitive rate of 2.7%. 
  • Save $26,850 selling a $550,000 home (with no buyer broker). $12,150 savings if there is a buyer broker. 
  • Save $37,000 selling a $750,000 home (with no buyer broker). $16,750 savings if there is a buyer broker.

Luxury home sellers save the most (and are some of the worst victims of overcharging):

  • Save $49,000 selling a $1,000,000 home (with no buyer broker). $22,000 savings if there is a buyer broker.
  • Save $249,000 selling a $5,000,000 home (with no buyer broker). $114,000 savings if there is a buyer broker.
Realtor selling tools are mostly automated. Listing agents do very little work to sell a house and few are qualified to engage in legal negotiations. Scheduling appointments with other agents is completely automated and is done through automatic texts to the clients. Open houses and fancy brochures don’t sell houses. I’ll put your house on the MLS, Zillow, Trulia,, and nearly every brokerage firm’s website for free (I only charge for my legal services). I only get paid if the transaction closes. If you back out of a transaction with a Realtor, they can still come after you for a commission (and often do). I only get paid if the house closes. When you work with me, you get a lawyer helping you negotiate your transaction all the way up to closing for far less than a Realtor. And unlike Realtors, it is illegal for me to practice dual agency. Realtors do it all the time and that means that they are legally prohibited from advocating, negotiating or providing advice that may be detrimental to either party. 
No Dual Agency Here
If the buyer doesn’t have a Realtor, brokerage firms still charge you the buyer broker fee. Listing brokers keep the commission meant for the buyer broker. I don’t do that. My fee stays the same. The savings are passed on to you. Because of this Realtor “hogging” practice, brokerage firms have a huge financial incentive to limit the marketing of your house to increase the chances of hogging both fees. Brokerage firms could not be more financially misaligned with their clients’ interests and they get a double fee if they procure the buyer. “Office Exclusive” or “Private Listing Phase” listings (also known as pocket listings) are one example of a trap that severely impairs your market exposure and increases the chances the Realtor will receive a double fee. Another example is when firms intentionally don’t list your property on Zillow, Trulia, and 
Note: I am an experienced real estate attorney and real estate broker and I know that I could easily charge the inflated rates that Realtors charge. However, I feel that the current fee structures utilized by brokers are unfair and artificially inflated by an unfair system that allows competitors to work together to keep those fees high.