Pay Less to List Your Home on the MLS and Get More and Better Service.

Would you rather pay $8,750 or $33,000 to sell your home?
A listing broker will likely charge you at least 6% – that’s $33,000 (plus a $700 junk fee)! On a $550,000 house my fee will likely be around $8,250*. However, if we find an unrepresented buyer, my fee stays at $8750 and many of my transactions involve no buyer broker. Most Realtors will still charge you the $33,000 if there is no buyer broker on their transactions.
No Buyer Broker. 
Sale Price of Home: $550,000
My Fee: $8,250*
Commission Saved: $24,250 (more when you factor in the Realtor’s junk fees)
Buyer Broker is Paid 2.7%: $14,850
Commission Saved: $9,400
I have had 2 transactions in which my clients saved over $100,000 in commissions each.

Everything Realtors do, but Done as your real estate lawyer.

I don’t have to split my fee with agents. I own the brokerage firm. And yes, I know how to market a home. And yes, I play nice with Realtors. I provide more and better service than Realtors (and I will never subject you to dual agency), and I have all the same tools that they do (auto scheduling, comp analysis, and so much more).

Open Houses? Realtor-Hosted vs Client-Hosted

Realtor Open Houses don’t sell houses.
I detest Realtor open houses because they exploit sellers. Open houses do not sell homes – the statistics are abominable. They are nothing more than a platform for Realtors to engage in self-promotion to find buyers and sellers of other homes.
Client Open Houses save my clients thousands of dollars.
Now consider client-hosted open houses in which you, the seller, is looking for unrepresented buyers. If you find an unrepresented buyer (and my clients find a lot of them), you could save $24,000 on a $550,000 home. We don’t put signs all over the neighborhood. Instead, we strictly advertise open houses on the internet to buyers who are seriously looking to buy a home. If you find an unrepresented buyer (any buyer who has not signed a buyer representation agreement), you send them to me, and I refer them to a real estate attorney. I will do all the drafting and put the entire transaction together as your attorney. And that’s how you can save

No “Office Exclusive” Pocket Listings Here

Brokerage firms have a huge financial incentive to limit the marketing of your house to increase the chances of collecting a double fee. “Office Exclusive” or “Private Listing Phase” listings are pocket listings and are a trap that severely impairs your market exposure and increases the chances the Realtor will receive a double fee. Run away fast if your Realtor tries to sell you on this exclusive “service.” 
*Plus, whatever you want to pay buyer brokers. Plus typical out of pocket costs would include $150 to have house professionally measured by an appraiser (few Realtors know how to measure a house and often advertise homes with incorrect square footage), $50 in abstracting (Realtors are not licensed to examine title – I am and I don’t charge extra for examining the abstracting work), $300+ for custom professional photography, and staging if you choose to hire a stager.