$3,100,000 in Commissions Saved 

Realty Redone By Attorneys

It is a brand new business model. For a lot less money, I do everything Realtors do and provide legal advice. I have proven the concept and my clients love it. Just read the reviews.

Recently, I refunded over $100,000 in commissions to two clients and my clients received far more service than they could have ever received from a Realtor.

Experience and Knowledge

I have worked with hundreds of Realtors and I know how to put together a smooth transaction with them. I understand customer service, marketing, technology, and I know the residential real estate industry better than most. I am a member of the Realtor Association and the Multiple LIsting Service (MLS). I have all the same tools that Realtors have.  In addition, I am an experienced real estate attorney who focuses on residential real estate. I hold the Real Property Law Specialist Certification through the Minnesota State Bar Association. It is a difficult certification to obtain and fewer than 3% of all registered attorneys in Minnesota are certified specialists in their field. I have started multiple class action law suits, owned a title firm that closed over 100,000 transactions, spoke before Congress, been published numerous times and am well known as a national figure in this field.


Minnesota Realtors do not need a 1st grade education to become a licensed agent. They have to take an easy 30 hour class geared towards passing the state licensing exam. Few of them have even made the effort to get the slightly more difficult license called a broker’s license (I have a broker’s license).

Why Do I Charge Less?

I don’t charge less. I just don’t overcharge my clients like Realtors do. I make far more than my $300 attorney hourly rate. Also, I do not have split my fees with an agent. I am my own brokerage firm.

How I Get Paid

If you hire a Realtor to help you buy a $550,000 house, they will likely collect $14,850 (2.7% of $550,000), plus a $700 admin fee (junk fee) at closing. And, you will never know how much they got paid. None of the closing documents disclose how much your buyer broker gets paid. However, they all get paid the same inflated fees regardless of their qualifications. I collect that same $14,850 and refund the entire amount to my clients (less my legal fees which is around 1.35%). My typical legal fee for a transaction this size is $7,638. You get $7,212 back in this example. And unlike Realtors, I only get paid if the transaction closes. Yet, if I spend 15 hours on this file I will earn $495 an hour.

Luxury Homes

Buying: The rewards on higher priced homes is even greater. As an example, if I help a buyer on a 2.5 million dollar home, the commission payable to me is likely going to be 2.7% ($67,500). A Realtor will keep that entire $67,500 (split with their broker) and charge you a junk fee of $700. My fee will be around $33,963 and my clients will receive a refund of around $33,537. I can not think of any good reason to pay a buyer broker sixty seven thousand dollars. Can you? If I put in 20 hours on a file like this, I’m still getting $1687 an hour. If I put in 40 hours, that works out to $843 an hour.

Selling: If I help a client sell a 3 million dollar home and we (either the seller or I) find a buyer who is not represented by a broker, the savings becomes absurd. A Realtor would likely collect $180,000 for doing very little work. In this example, my fee would be around $45,000 and my clients would save $135,000.

And if you think you are getting elite service from a high-end Realtor, you are not. They just dress nicer and drive nicer cars. Learn more about the traps that Realtors set for sellers here.

Cancel at ANY TIME

My contracts can be cancelled by you at almost any time. When you sign a Realtor Listing or Buyer Representation Agreement there is no way to cancel it.

Service Area

I help clients all over the Twin Cities market and beyond. Whether it be Excelsior, Eden Prairie, Lake Minnetonka, St. Paul, Arden Hills, Blaine, Stillwater, Northfield or even St. Cloud, I can usually help. I have helped people from St. Cloud to Northfield to Stillwater.